You do the lawyering. Let manage the process.

Know your Deal See your Deal Close your Deal

Associate Parties/Documents
  • Never fumble between deals.
  • Never make the same signature block twice.
  • Never waste time transmitting documents and signature pages ad hoc.
  • Never create a closing checklist.

Enter your deal data and TransactionSpace automatically generates and transmits finalized agreements and signature pages. TransactionSpace 's simple and easy to use tools help you create a single signature block for each party, which is used to generate a signature page to each agreement to be signed by that party. You assign the relevant agreements to a party, and TransactionSpace takes care of the rest.

Associate Parties/Documents
Transmit Agreements & Signature Pages

When it's time to transmit agreements to your clients for signature, TransactionSpace automatically generates an email directed to each client's address enclosing their signature pages and the finalized versions of the underlying agreements requiring their signature. By conventional means, this a chore that attorneys and paralegals spend precious billable hours on, and often make mistakes that hold up closing.

TransactionSpace transforms the creation and transmission of agreements for signature into a simple, quick and foolproof task.   »See your Deal

  • Never question the status of your deal.
  • Never wonder which is the latest version of a document.
  • Never revisit a settled issue.
  • Never wonder if changes to a draft were implemented.
  • Never waste time hunting for executed signature pages.

TransactionSpace allows you to see the linear progression of agreement drafts and track the status of executed agreements in real time. Upload each version and have instant access to the chronological progression of each agreement.

Know at all times where you are and where you've been on each agreement, instead of searching through emails to find the latest version of an agreement and raising issues that have already been resolved. Know for certain that when you transmit agreements for signature, you are sending your client the final version.

Once you've transmitted signature pages, the TransactionSpace Matrix allows you to see when agreements are returned executed in real time. When your clients email or fax their signature pages back, TransactionSpace automatically identifies the signature page and posts it as received on the Matrix.

The Matrix also shows you the date and time the signature page was received and an image of the executed page. Throughout the entire transaction process, TransactionSpace assures that you always know where things stand in real time.   » Close your Deal

Matrix Completed
  • Never wonder if your deal is closed.
  • Never question whether all agreements are final.
  • Never wait for weeks or months to receive your transaction book.
  • Never waste your time on clerical post-closing matters.

Close your deal efficiently. Know when all agreements are executed in real time. One quick glance at the Matrix tells you whether or not your deal is closed.

Chasing down errant signature pages causes attorneys and clients heartache and expense, and prevents timely closing. When you see that every signature to every agreement has been received, you know definitively that you can initiate funding without risk and without signature escrow.

Once your deal is closed, TransactionSpace automatically generates your transaction book. With the click of a mouse, TransactionSpace sends a file with all executed signature pages and the final version of every agreement. But we leave binding the t-book to you.